BRANSON, Mo.– This Saturday marked the first of three volunteer litter cleanup events organized by Alderwoman Julia King, with about 25 attendees braving the rain to clean up the city.

“I just have such an appreciation for the volunteers who showed up with their raincoats on, we picked up so much trash and it was very productive,” King said.

While online sign-ups saw 75 people indicating they’d help out, the poor weather this weekend caused many to back out.

King said the 25 volunteers who attended despite the rain all stayed for the full 4-hour event.

“They braved it and got it done,” King said. “It was very necessary, and everyone that showed up asked when we’ll do this again.”

Saturday’s clean-up was the first of three planned events, with the next scheduled for this coming Saturday, March 20.

Photos from the event can be seen in the gallery below:

Currently, about 45 people have signed up online to volunteer next week. King said those who wanted to volunteer this weekend can still sign up for this coming week instead.

“It doesn’t matter where you work or live,” King said. “If you missed today you can sign up next week or the week after, anybody can sign up.”

Registration is available on the city of Branson’s website.