BRANSON, Mo.– The Branson Area Chamber of Commerce and CVB has assembled a task force to begin making plans for the economic revitalization of Branson.

Representatives from several businesses, including the live entertainment, attractions, retail, lodging, and restaurant sectors, as well as the school district and city hall, will meet this week online.

The Branson Chamber of Commerce has been assisting businesses and dislocated employees since Branson has been closed. President and CEO of the chamber, Jeff Seifried, says communication has been key.

“We’ve been really heavily communicating locally with the business community to share those resources so we can then be a resource to the employees,” Seifried said.

The city wants Branson to be at the forefront when it becomes safe to welcome back guests. Branson mayor, Edd Akers, says he is unsure when this can happen

“This thing is so unsettling because you can’t see an end,” Akers said. “You can’t tell when it’s going to stop.”

The mayor says there are issues with reopening and we need to plan for now.

“You know, If June 1 is the day, what’s gonna happen,” said Akers. “How are we going to plan for that? How are we going to be able to help businesses get open? How are we going to be able to help them find employees they have to have to be able to be open?”

Seifried says social distancing guidelines will still remain in their plan for the reopening of Branson to continue the slow of the spread of COVID-19