BRANSON, MO — Mochas and Meows opened back in November of 2019 and even though it started off well surviving two off-seasons and the COVID-19 pandemic has not been easy for the new business.

Mary Trexler, the owner of the cat café, said despite everything, she still sees her first year open as a success.

“I’ve tried really hard to keep us looking on the bright side, always silver linings,” said Trexler. “Yes, we did open just in time for a pandemic, which no one could’ve predicted, but my first season in Branson, that should’ve been completely overwhelming beyond what I could’ve imagined. I kind of got to ease into that.”

Trexler announced on Mochas and Meows Facebook page that they would be shutting down Feb. 1 through Feb. 16 to “help alleviate some of the financial strain.”

Trexler said this time off will be kind of a reset for the business, and she plans on making renovations during this time.

Mochas and Meows will be getting new furniture for their sitting room space as well as new cat toys and a fresh coat of paint. Some of the funding for these renovations will be paid by Swin Dispensaries out of Hollister.

Even as the “catfe” was shut down last year during the pandemic, they were able to find new homes for the cats they house from The Shepherd of the Hills Humane Society.

“On March 21, we had 25 adoptions, and when we reopened on May 22 we had 48,” said Trexler.