UPDATE (11/30/22): Ryan Richardson entered a guilty plea on August 3, 2022.

Richardson was sentenced on October 5 to 28 years for attempted second-degree murder and 12 years for armed criminal action.

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BOLIVAR, Mo.- A Bolivar man has been charged after a male victim was shot and killed over the weekend.

Court documents say 23-year-old Ryan Richardson has been charged with first-degree murder, armed criminal action, possession of a defaced firearm, and defacing a firearm.

Richardson will have an arraignment hearing on September 22.

Court records say on September 18, deputies responded to a report of a homicide in the 1700 block of KK Highway. When deputies arrived, they found Richardson and a family member in a physical altercation.

Deputies arrested Richardson and asked what happened. He told the deputies that he shot his uncle after they argued over a relative. While on the scene, deputies noticed the victim, Richardson’s uncle, was lying on the ground covered with a tarp and a tan shower curtain. Court documents say next to the body was a wheel barrel and a vehicle backed up. Deputies also noticed shotgun casings in the area and a blood trail that started near the first shotgun shell to where the body currently was, about 20 yards.

Richardson was taken back to the Sheriff’s Office for questioning.

Richardson told investigators he confronted his uncle who became irate and walked off. His uncle turned back around and told Richardson to pull a gun on him. Richardson then shot his uncle. Court documents say his uncle stumbled back to his house before falling onto the ground. Richardson then saw his uncle still breathing and shot him again with a pistol.

Richardson told police he attempted to put the body into his car with the wheel barrel but could not lift him. He then went home and showered, and went back to the scene until family members arrived.

Richardson told investigators he was planning on putting the body in an old freezer in the yard.

Court documents say police asked why Richardson had two guns on him. Richardson replied, saying he was going to shoot his uncle if he admitted to the wrongdoing involving a relative. Richardson said his uncle did not admit to that but got mad.

The investigator also asked Richardson why the serial numbers were missing on the guns. He said he did it to not be traced.