SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (KOLR/KTVI) — A crowd of people gathered in Downtown Springfield, Missouri to attend the “Birds Aren’t Real” rally.

According to Peter Mcindoe, with the Birds Aren’t Real movement, all birds in the United States were killed by the government and replaced by federal drones.

“What makes me think that? I think the evidence is all around us, birds sit on power lines, we believe they’re charging on power lines, we believe that bird poop on cars is liquid tracking apparatus.”

The movement – which has been fueled by online chatter as well as mysterious fliers posted in cities across the U.S. – is currently on tour, and Springfield was its first stop.

Birds Aren’t Real relies on internet-fueled guerilla marketing to spread a silly message. Followers are poking fun at conspiracy theories like QAnon that have gone mainstream over the last few years.

McIndoe is the creative muscle behind the avian-inspired conspiracy, according to to the National Audubon Society. He first went live with Birds Aren’t Real in January 2017 at the Memphis Women’s March.

Since then the movement has gained a large fanbase with over 360,000 Reddit subscribers.