SPRINGFIELD, Mo. – Missouri’s seventh district representative to the U.S. House, Billy Long, says that he is running for the U.S. Senate in 2022 because he wants to make sure his party takes it back.

“This is a winnable race, it’s a wide-open race, and I have a different brand, I was 55 years old when I was sworn into congress so if anyone wants to cast me as a career politician I got news for them, and I’m not a politician, I’m a congressman. — I think that we need to hold the Senate and I think I’m the guy that can hold the Senate, ” says Long.

Long says he plans to visit every county in Missouri during his campaign.

He will be working with Kellyanne Conway, a member of former President Donald Trump’s campaign.

At least ten others are also competing for Roy Blunt’s Senate seat.

On the Republican ticket is the U.S. representative Vicky Hartzler, state Attorney General Eric Schmitt, former Governor Eric Greitens, and St. Louis attorney Mark McCloskey.

Among the Democrats running are former state Senator Scott Sifton and Jefferson City attorney Lucas Kunce.