SPRINGFIELD, Mo. – Top Golf has announced it has acquired BigShots Golf through a 29 million dollar deal. 

The deal includes four existing BigShots locations and development rights for other potential venues. 

One Springfield realtor said BigShots on Kearney was one catalyst of growth and development on the north side of town. 

“I think the reason for the commercial growth is there was a lot of properties there that had been sitting there for a long time,” said Gwyen Phillips sales manager at Cantrell Real Estate. “So it’s a more affordable area.” 

Along with the price to expand the area, Phillips said when BigShots opened, more people and businesses started coming to the neighborhood. 

“Other businesses decided that, well, there’s going to be more people coming over here, and there were a lot of individuals who might not come to that area,” Phillips said. “And now that that’s there, they would gain from that foot traffic increasing.” 

Joe West owns Echelon Coffee on Glenstone. He said BigShots added an entertainment aspect to the intersection at Glenstone and Kearney. 

 “People definitely drive across town, it seems like a destination for a lot of people,” West said. “Just to go have a fun night and swing golf clubs.” 

Cameron Stephens lives in Springfield, he said the new businesses have changed his perception of the area. 

“I enjoy being over here. I’ve been over here when it was kind of rundown and it was you didn’t feel quite to safe, if you know what I mean,” Stephens said. “And now, you know, it’s nice, it’s good to look around, see new buildings, stuff like that.” 

The growth doesn’t seem to be stopping. 

“We’re excited for Crumbl to go next door to us, and we also have Chick-Fil-A going across the street,” West said. “So we’re really just excited about the future of the corner and just it really seems like Kearney and Glenstone is getting revitalized for sure.” 

“Ever since all these businesses come in,” Stephens said. “This is bringing in a higher class of people, you know, so I guess they’re just it’s a lot better.”