REPUBLIC, Mo. — Autopsy results in the death of Rachel Sanders in November 2020 were released in court during 46-year-old Shane Mackey’s preliminary hearing on Thursday, Feb. 18.

Greene County examiners found extensive bruising and lacerations to Sanders’ head and neck as well as other sections of her body. Other wounds include part of her spine being dislocated from her skull and a cut exposing bone on her forehead.

Sanders’ body was found laying on a bed naked along with blood on the floor. A blood test on Sanders showed signs of amphetamine and marijuana.

Prosecutors’ key argument is Mackey, who didn’t call 911 until early the next morning, killed Sanders in a domestic violence altercation.

No murder weapon was identified but both prosecutors and Macky’s attorney, Dee Wampler, questioned witnesses about a bloody shower rod found in the couple’s bathroom.

Wampler believes cuts found on Mackey’s hand weren’t fresh and he was separated from Sanders for a period of time after dinner.

Macky’s attorney asked witnesses if Sanders injuries could result from falling.

“The standard is innocent until proven guilty,” said Taylon Sumners, attorney for Dee Wampler. “The state still has to prove their case. There’s still a long way to go. This is a hard-working man in the community. I’d ask people to be mindful of that. He has a family. And people watching just be mindful of that when they’re commenting.”

Sumners said the state will have to prove how Sanders got her injuries. Mackey is planning on pleading not guilty when he is back in court in mid-March.

Mackey has been arrested for domestic assault seven times.