SPRINGFIELD, Mo. – Three Springfield women went missing on June 7, 1992, and their disappearance has been a mystery that has stumped investigators ever since.

A vigil is planned for June 7, 2022, at 7:30 in the evening at Phelps Grove Park.

However, as the 30th anniversary of their disappearance approaches, investigators with the Springfield Police Department continue working to find out what happened to Sherrill Levitt, Stacy McCall, and Suzanne (Suzie) Streeter.

The descriptions of the women are as follows:

Sherrill Levitt: White female, DOB: 11/01/44, 5′, 110 lbs., brown eyes, short bleached-blonde hair, naturally curly hair, longer on top and short in the back. Sherrill Levitt has a thin build and freckles on her neck and upper chest area.

Stacy McCall: White female, DOB: 04/23/74, 5’3”, 120 lbs., blue eyes, dark blonde hair to the middle of her back with sun-lightened ends. She has freckles on her face and a dimple in the middle of her chin.

Suzanne (Suzie) Streeter: White female, DOB: 03/09/73, 5’2”, 102 lbs., brown eyes, straight bleached-blonde, shoulder-length hair, large teeth with no dental work. She has a 3-1/2” scar on top of her right forearm and a small tumor in the left corner of her mouth which gives the appearance that she has something in her mouth.

Here is a look back at our coverage from 2017, marking 25 years since Levitt, McCall, and Streeter disappeared.

Anyone with information can contact the Springfield Police Department at (417) 864-1810 or (if you wish to remain anonymous) Crime Stoppers at (417) 869-TIPS.

A reward fund was created for information leading to the location of the missing women or the prosecution of those responsible for their disappearance.