SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — The Springfield Branson National Airport said they’ve had a busy summer, even with high flight prices. But, those prices could be dropping soon..

The experts at Forbes expect domestic airline tickets to drop 25 percent in price later this month. They say it’s because families booked flights earlier in the summer, something agencies weren’t predicting.

“People want to fly,” Airport Director Brian Weiler said. “We’ve had a very busy summer. It’s obvious people want to get out and fly and go visit people and go see other parts of the world.”.

Airports are slowly starting to fill up with more travelers. But ticket prices are still too high to fly for most.

“For the two of us to fly one way from Springfield to Sacramento was $1117,” Kathleen O’Brien said. She and her husband James booked their flight a few months ago. “I would expect it’d be like about $350 for each one of us, like 700 or 600 [for the both of us]. It was very high, but there was no choice.”

Weiler said it’s a busy time at the airport.

“Our traffic definitely picks up right after school, so usually mid-May and beyond. June, July, August are very busy months for us,” Weiler said. “We all know that there’s been very strong demand. I think airlines have taken advantage of that and they’ve really increased the fares across the board and everywhere.”

Weiler said the airport has already seen half a million passengers this year. He said he is hoping prices will drop soon, so they can bring more folks through the doors.

“If [airlines] can bring the seats in this market, we will sell them,” Weiler said.