SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — The Greater Ozarks Charity held its 5th annual Easter Keg Hunt to help support kids who are less fortunate around Christmas.

Mandy Hart with Greater Ozarks Charity said the event, which features a raffle and silent auction, has raised more and more money each year.

“In 2020, we raised around $1,500 and in 2021, We doubled that and raised around $3,000. We are hoping to meet that or beat it,” Hart said

Hart says the kids the event helps will receive more than just toys.

“The way greater Ozarks charity Christmas program works is we contact local elementary schools and we get a list of children who are on their free and reduced lunch programs and we send a form out to the parents and the parents fill out the form for the child’s age and size. And we purchase items for those children”

Those who competed in the hunt started at Wil Fischer and followed clues and solved riddles which led them to local companies all across the area in Springfield, Nixa and Billings.

Tara Lynn, the lead singer for a band called Violet said her band performs at the event for free.

“That’s a really good charity for that,” Lynn said. “And I know, I know so many struggling parents, so it’s about the parents and the kids for me, for us, I should say,”

Michael Boyer who said the final clue stumped him and his wife, but they are still happy to participate to help local kids

“There’s so many kids out there that need help, but unfortunately they can’t provide for themselves,” Boyer said. “And I just love what this company does. What they do for the community and providing Christmas for kids that are less fortunate is just an amazing thing to do for somebody”

The hunt almost ended up with no winner, but then Alexander Campbell showed up with the keg in tow. Campbell credited his wife with finding the prize and said they stumbled upon the event.

“We were riding their bikes and we saw the event, and so we pulled in and signed up for it. And then we showed up today,” Campbell said.

Hart says while the event is after Easter, it’s a fun way for adults to have a scavenger hunt while supporting the charity’s effort.

“So it’s like an adult Easter egg hunt if you will,” she said. “So the kids have had their Easter. They’ve found their eggs, they’ve had their fun…their chocolate bunnies and everything. So the adults get to come out and do an Easter egg hunt themselves”