SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — Inspired by a TED Talk from Tom Bedell, owner of Breedlove Guitars, the Acoustic Shoppe in Springfield has launched a new program this Earth Day.

“We got inspired by Tome Bedell, on the forefront of being very conscious about where the wood comes from to build guitars,” said Jeremy Chapman, co-owner of the Acoustic Shoppe.

Chapman said Bedell made a good point in saying musicians love their instruments but many do not think about where the wood that made their guitar comes from. So, the guitar shop started researching and communicating with their manufacturers to see how they are obtaining the wood for their instruments.

That’s how the shop came up with a standard called the Shop Sustainable Standard.

“We are using the FSC, the forestry standard to make sure there is no clear cut, that trees are being replanted in the areas that have been harvested and being more conscious about the environment that the wood is coming out of,” said Chapman.

For the instruments that reach the standard, the shop plants one tree through the charity organization One Tree Planted.