SPRINGFIELD, Mo. – “Sharing Stories of the Crossroads” is a history-themed radio program created by The History Museum on the Square on 92.3 FM.

This week, host John Sellars spoke with Dr. Dale Moore and Dr. Kitty Ledbetter. The three of them were all former radio deejays. They each shared stories about their time on air.

Ledbetter recently retired from teaching at Texas State University but started out her career in the radio business in the early 70s.

“She was a continuity person, wrote commercials and copy and things like that. And then they needed somebody to host the show on the FM side, which the FM side was not at all popular in the early years of radio,” Sellars said.

Similar to Barbara Walters, Sellars said she had to deal with being treated like a second-class citizen in electronic media.

“She can be this on the show, but she couldn’t talk until the male host talked first and so on and things like that,” Sellar said. “And it’s people like Kitty Ledbetter that have… established themselves and been very successful and very popular that has helped that along and giving it to the way it is today where there are so many really… wonderful women on radio and television.”

He said she had continued success until the late 80s. Ledbetter went back to school to get her doctorate and then became a professor at the university for 24 years.

She has since retired but is working on getting her book about Si Simon, the producer of the Ozark Jubliee, published.