FAIR GROVE, Mo. – In Fair Grove, a fire department is dealing with damages to one of their stations after their pipes froze.

Just over a week ago, freezing temperatures hit the Ozarks. Causing the fire station’s pipes to freeze, then burst.

“The pipes were kind of up in an exposed attic area, which we tried to take precautions,” said Fire Chief Randall Hoskins. “Unfortunately, when we have record cold temperatures like we had, they froze.”

The Fair Grove Fire Protection District has three stations that cover all of Fair Grove.

Station 3 is located in Dallas County on State Road AA.

Fire Chief Hoskins said they got an emergency call around 10 a.m. on December 27 about water coming from the building.

The station’s facilities must be completely rebuilt due to the severe damage.

Chief Hoskins said despite the damages, they will continue to respond how they usually would.

“We’re definitely still going to be responding out of here,” said Hoskins. “Response times should not be impacted for anybody that lives in this area. It should be business as usual.”