SPRINGFIELD, Mo. – Thanks to OACAC and payment plans through City Utilities, one family’s $5,000 utility bill is now paid.

Elizabeth Nelms’ power was restored last Wednesday, May 3, after living in the dark for weeks.

“I just kept going and I had faith that it would work out, and it did,” Nelms said.

Nelms tells OzarksFirst she did a lot of soul-searching through this process as well as budgeting. Now she’s conserving electricity as much as she can.

Although Nelms was able to get her power restored, others in need may not be able to get the help they need.

With the Greene County Rental Assistance Program ending, organizations like The Salvation Army have run out of funding to help people in the Ozarks pay their bills.

“We’re believing that something good will happen for folks, you know, and it doesn’t mean it’ll happen the way you want it but hold on tight,” said Jeff Smith, development director for Salvation Army.

The Salvation Army can see up to 300 calls a month for aid. With the $87,000 from Greene County, they were able to assist 51 households.

Even though funding has run out, Smith said people should continue trying to find help.

“You just don’t know when funding to come available,” Smith said. “So keep calling and keep trying and hang in there.”

The Salvation Army tells OzarksFirst they will be getting another grant in June.