NIXA, Mo. – Nixa Public Schools is holding a contest between bus drivers to see who has the most festive bus decoration.

Donna Collins, Transportation Director for Nixa Public Schools, is holding a competition between her bus drivers to decorate the grille of their vehicles.

“We have thirty-three buses that run a route everyday. Twenty-five of those buses are decorated.” says Collins. Drivers are encouraged to not only to decorate the grille of the bus, but also the interior.

Collins says the tradition of decorating the buses began several years ago when a driver asked if she could have permission to decorate her vehicle. After clarifying what the employee wanted to do, Collins allowed her to decorate. She added some bells to the grille. Other drivers saw what she did and wanted to join in.

Eventually, Collins wanted to motivate the drivers to participate by starting a competition. Students, parents, and the public were encouraged to vote for their favorite bus grille. The top winners will win gift cards to local stores.

Voting will close on Friday, December 17th, at noon.

Here are some of the entries:

If you would like to see the other buses and to vote, you can click here to participate.