THEODOSIA, Mo. – A 10-year-old boy from Theodosia is on a mission to meet and thank as many veterans as he can.

On Thursday, that goal took Skyler Clark to Springfield to meet veterans at the American Legion Post 639. 

Since starting three years ago, Skyler said he’s met around 10,000 veterans at various places.

When he meets one, there’s one important message he said he wants to share.

“Thank you,” said Skyler. “Say thank you for your service.”

Skyler said many times veterans go unappreciated.

He gives them necklaces and keychains.

Robert Kalwat was one of the veterans to receive those items on Thursday. 

“I wanted to meet this young man,” said Kalwat.

Kalwat said he is glad to see someone so young showing appreciation.

Skyler’s mom, Ashlee, said it was important to their family to teach Skyler what a veteran is at a very young age.

“We told them what they went through and what their duties were,” said Ashlee.

Skyler said he hopes to keep this project going for years to come.