SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — Just as people across the Ozarks are recovering from the severe storms, others are now dealing with slick conditions and snow.

An inch and a half of snow fell in Springfield today.

While most people were keeping warm inside, one man was braving the cold.

Jonathan Stratman commutes everywhere on his bike — including in the snow.

He shared some tips for staying warm.

“You can get these things for like $3, they’re called buffs,” Stratman said. “I use one to cover my ears, and then I pop it up to use as a scarf. Then I have another one to keep my neck warm. That’s my main thing is keeping my breath warm and then gloves.

“After that, when I’m bike riding I usually heat up pretty fast. I worry less about the ice this time around and more about other vehicles on the road. I feel like I can get out of the way and stop way faster than they can. I feel like their more likely to get stuck and behave sporadically.”