SPRINGFIELD, Mo. – During the COVID-19 crisis, one Springfield-based company is making it possible to open a door, hands-free.

It’s called StepNPull. It’s a product that allows you to open a door with your foot.

Company President Michael Sewell says the product was made in 2007 to help eliminate the spread of germs. StepNPull has become very popular during the pandemic.

“We‘ve seen a significant increase in sales starting the very first part of March of this year, In fact, a 40 to 50-time increase in sales almost overnight.”

Michael Sewell

But sales are not his top priority saying, “We’re proud we have a product that help mitigate the spread [of COVID-19].”

One business being positively influenced by StepNPull is the UPS store on Battlefield and Loan Pine.

“It’s been on our door for a long time and it’s not going anywhere. It has been there for six or seven years and it looks great,” said Rachelle Scott, UPS business owner. “Lots of comments. People love the ease of the step-n-pull on the door. People want to have a way to get into the business without touching the door and it offers the perfect solution.”

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Scott’s store is the main drop-off point for StepNPull.

“We help them get their packages in the door, processed for UPS and ready to roll,” said Scott. “I couldn’t even tell you how many orders they’ve seen. It’s crazy. In the past they would drop off a few packages a day. Now, it’s hundreds they’re shipping out every day.”

StepNPull has partners in Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom. Sewell says he can see his company becoming a household name real soon.