SPRINGFIELD, Mo.– It’s been days now and Rob Moon says orders still won’t stop coming in. But when you’re in the business of student safety gear it can be hard to tell if being in high demand is a good thing. 

His product’s launch was prompted by a question. 

“When all these school shootings started happening,” he says. “I said there’s got to be away. I was looking for a solution. How do you stop kids from getting shot at school?”

While others debate the answer to that question, Moon’s offering an alternative.

“People talk about giving teachers guns. I’m fine with that. but is it the solution,” he asks. “The solution is personal protection if there’s any.”

He calls it the Savior Shield. 

“You just take it and put it in your backpack simple as that. Put your books on top of it,” he says.

You’re probably wondering if a bulletproof, backpack-friendly plate works.

We wondered the same thing and had Moon test two of the plates out.

Moon offers two sizes. One stops up to a 9-millimeter bullet. The bigger size can stop up to a .44 caliber. 

Moon is selling a ton.

“People are taking it seriously. Now they are seeing, they’re happening over and over and over,” he says. “I’d rather not sell any at all and there be no shooting. I wish I didn’t even have to come up with this idea.”