LEBANON, Mo. — Laclede County Sheriff David Millsap said two separate investigations are likely connected.

On March 5, deputies were called out to a home on Park Drive in Lebanon.

“We had a 911 call about a shooting that happened on Park Drive,” Sheriff Millsap said.
“When deputies arrived, they found a deceased male in the yard.”

That man was 25-year-old Ryan Holloway.

Just an hour later, deputies were called to another home just over half a mile away.

“We got another call regarding the suspect [in Holloway’s death],” Millsap said. “The suspect was arrested on Pleasant Drive and was brought here to the county jail.”

Deputies booked Jimmy Sanders for domestic assault. Sanders was charged with third-degree domestic assault on Monday.

Court documents say Sanders squeezed his girlfriend’s face causing her to bleed after an argument.

“The suspect’s girlfriend is related to the victim of the shooting,” Millsap said. “All that kind of plays a part of the overall scenario of this.”

KOLR10 has learned Sanders’ girlfriend is the sister of Ryan Holloway.

Despite an entirely separate investigation, authorities say the two are connected. 

“The person that we know that was involved in the shooting — the suspect — has not been charged in the shooting, but has been charged in an unrelated domestic assault that does have some relevance to the shooting that occurred,” Millsap said. 

Millsap would not disclose too much information about the active investigation but said Holloway and Sanders knew of each other for years.

“They have had fights in the past with each other,” Millsap said. ” … The one thing I can tell you is that the domestic assault that occurred does have some play into the events that occurred on Park Drive.”

The sheriff said they are mulling over potential charges related to Holloway’s death with prosecutors.

“[We’re] trying to determine the events around the shooting, whether or not that’s going to be probable cause of a crime being committed,” Millsap said. “There are elements of this case in which we are that are under review.”

KOLR10 reached out to Holloway’s fiancée who said Ryan Holloway was the love of her life and a good man that was taken away. She told reporters all she wants is justice for a man she’ll miss forever.