SPRINGFIELD — A local lawyer explains how Wednesday’s report on Governor Greitens’ alleged sexual misconduct could effect his trial.

Wednesday’s report revealed a lot of alleged graphic details about what took place between Greitens and his former mistress.

However, the Governor will get his day in court to dispute some of what was said about him. But for now, he is only being charged for one crime: Invasion of privacy. 

Springfield Defense Attorney Adam Woody, who is unaffiliated with this case, says that while some of those alleged details in yesterdays house committee report didn’t look good for Greitens, the main impact will be on finding impartial jurors.

“If people have heard about that report, if people watched his press conference before the report was issued, if people have seen coverage of this, it could impact the ability of the parties to find a fair, unbiased jury in this matter,” Woody says.  

Those details within the report cannot be ignored, which could result in the prosecution seeking additional charges. 

“They could always reconvene a grand jury and file a superseding indictment, including other counts. So in my opinion, the criminal case is far from over,” Woody says.  

For now, we are left with the invasion of privacy charge. Taking the alleged photo of the woman was not the crime. Rather, it was the dissemination the photo, which will need to be proven in court.

“The State has to prove it was disseminated, but it is my understanding that they don’t have this photograph anyway so it is going to be difficult to prove that their was one taken, let alone one disseminated,” says Woody.  

The former mistress of Greitens claims that she heard the snap of a camera, and saw a flash through her blindfold, but Woody says that could be tough to depend on.

 “That portion of it seems to be a very difficult case for the prosecutor.” 

Greitens trial date is set for May 14th, but his lawyers were in court today, lobbying for a dismissal of the criminal indictment against the Governor. 

His team accused the prosecutor of withholding a videotape interview of a woman that Greitens had an affair with. The judge said they are still investigating those claims.