SPRINGFIELD, Mo. – Friday, Jan. 17, around 6:15 p.m. you probably saw the alert on your phone.

Just a few minutes later, the missing 2-year-old was found safe by law enforcement.

Police say that 22-year-old Victoria Brown abducted her 2-year-old son at gunpoint.

Brown was taken to the Greene County Jail last night after police found her and her son in Seymour.

She has pending kidnapping charges.

We spoke to a corporal with the Webster County Sheriff’s Office about how well the Amber Alert system worked in last night’s case.

“We were working just routine patrol and when we got an Amber Alert, we were actually, usually on Amber Alert situations it’s unfortunate, but not all the time it comes out the way that it did,” Webster County Sheriff’s Office Corporal said. “When saying that, we had an RP call our office and advise us that they were behind a vehicle that matched description of that Amber Alert that were sent statewide in the state of Missouri.”

Now the corporal who spoke to us wanted to remain anonymous because of his line of work.

Finding the suspect took the effort of multiple agencies.

Including the Webster County Sheriff’s Office, the Seymour Police Department and the Springfield Police Department.

The corporal says last night’s situation shows how Amber Alerts, more often than not, work.