SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — Below are the results of the Springfield-Greene County Health Department’s food inspections from Jan. 30 to Feb. 3:

Jan. 30

Burger King, 3009 S. Campbell Ave.

  • Nonpriority violations:
    • Walk-in freezer dripping in defrost.
    • Back door not tight-fitting.
    • Floors under fryers have build-up of debris and grease
    • Underneath fry station has build-up of grease.

Seoul Oriental Market, 3165 S. Campbell Ave.

  • Previous violations corrected:
    • A new door sweep was installed on the back door. A hand sink was installed near the three-vat sink. Test strips for sanitizer solution are available. Retail items are stored 6 inches off of the floor.

Jan. 31

Cracker Barrel Old Country Store #127, 2858 N. Glenstone Ave.

  • No violations.

Greene County Damaged Freight & Food Sales Inc., 3055 W. Kearney St.

  • Nonpriority violations:
    • Edge of warehouse floor and fans inside walk-in refrigerator unclean.
    • Bags of ice unlabeled by manufacturer.

Houlihan’s North, 2431 N. Glenstone Ave.

  • Priority violations:
    • Raw chicken held over ready-to-eat foods.
    • Employee eating while doing dishes, employee food and drink above plates.
    • Can opener unclean, food pans contained sticker residues, cracks and chips.
    • Knives cracked and chipped; some with melted handles.
    • Ready-to-eat foods not labeled or labeled with multiple conflicting dates. Items discarded.
    • Dishwashing machine sanitizer was empty.
  • Nonpriority violations:
    • Hand sinks did not have hand soap.
    • Hand sinks did not have paper towels.
    • Hand sink in dish area used to hold items.
    • Employees not wearing hair or bread restraints in food preparation area.
    • No test strips available for sanitizer strength in buckets.

Kum & Go #1470, 1810 E. Kearney St.

  • Nonpriority violations:
    • Live pests under frosty machine. Pest control worker order placed by staff.

Popeye’s #779, 1231 W. Kearney St.

  • Priority violation:
    • Blacked Ranch sauce temped at 53 degrees. Should be held at 41 or below.
  • Nonpriority violations:
    • Employees not wearing hair restraints on heads or beards.
    • Employees have long artificial nails in food preparation area.
    • Hand sink did not have soap.
    • Hand sink by drive-through winder did not reach 100 degrees.
    • Handles of cooler and walk-in unclean.

Subway, 2734 E. Chestnut Expy.

  • No violations.

Subway, 2721 N. Kansas Expy.

  • Priority violation:
    • Quaternary ammonia in three-vat sink didn’t have enough sanitizer.
  • Nonpriority violations:
    • Containers and lids stored under hand sink.
    • Caulking behind three-sink vat needs repair.

Triple Eights, 1710 S. Kansas Expy.

  • Previous violations corrected: Employees have taken food safety courses and have food safety knowledge. No evidence of droppings in storage shed was found. Items in storage unit stored 6 inches above the floor. Pest control service scheduled.
  • No new violations.

Feb. 1

Fast-N-Friendly #16, 501 W. Chestnut Expy.

  • Priority violations:
    • Seven barbecue beef sandwiches, four chicken sandwiches were not heated to required 135 degrees due to hot holding unit bulbs being out.
    • Open container of barbecue beef unlabeled.
    • Sanitizer was too concentrated.

Jimmy’s Egg, 3315 E. Battlefield Rd.

  • Nonpriority violation: 1 not identified

King’s Chef Kitchen, 1820 W. Kearney St.

  • Priority violations:
    • Several containers of cleaners and degreaser on top of ice machine.
    • Several containers of potentially hazardous ready-to-eat food in refrigerator without use-by dates.
  • Nonpriority violations:
    • Inside of ice machine unclean.
    • Some kitchen counters unclean.
    • No paper towels for sink in men’s bathroom.

Lucy’s Chinese Food II, 2456 E. Sunshine St.

  • Priority violation:
    • Pasta temped at 46 degrees, then discarded. All other food items were removed from the cooler and placed in the walk-in.

Wendy’s #01, 225 W. Sunshine St.

  • Priority violations:
    • Quaternary sanitizer solution didn’t have any sanitizer in it because the dispenser bag was not connected.
    • Frosty machine temped at 44 degrees, but should be at 41 degrees or lower. Chocolate Frosty mix discarded and repair scheduled.
  • Nonpriority violations:
    • Three bins of expired tomatoes were found in cooler.
    • Employee hand-washing sink temped at 92 degrees after three minutes. but should be 100 degrees or higher.

Feb. 2

Bellacino’s Pizza & Grinders, 2160 W. Chesterfield Blvd.

  • Nonpriority violation: 1 not identified

Los Michoacanos Garcias, 1402 W. Sunshine St.

  • Priority violations:
    • Soup on stove temped at 124 degrees — should be 135.
    • Red sauce in cooler temped at 49 degrees, cream cheese at 48 degrees, yogurt at 46 degrees. All should be 41 degrees or lower. All items discarded.
    • Multiple items in walk-in cooler not date-marked, including meat and cheese.

Feb. 3

Conoco Phillips, 2540 N. Glenstone Ave.

  • Nonpriority violation
    • Mop in sink bucket and wall near soft drink machine in bad repair

Dennis’ Place, 921 W. Sunshine St.

  • Priority violation:
    • Unlabeled chemical spray bottles.
  • Nonpriority violations:
    • Moderate grime buildup in men’s bathroom, bar coolers.

Jyms Investments, LLC, 1550 N. Glenstone Ave.

  • No violations.

Mama Jean’s Natural Market, 228 W. Sunshine St.

  • Priority violations:
    • Cut leafy greens inside walk-in cooler not date-marked. Prepped quinoa in cool not date-marked.
  • Nonpriority violations:
    • Cans of lighter fluid stored above single-serve items.
    • Dented cans found.

Willard East Elementary, 518 E. Kime St.

  • No violations.