SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — Today is the final day for applicants to apply for the Springfield Police Civilian Review Board.

There is only one spot available in a seven-person review board.

The Police Civilian Board reviews work together with the city of Springfield and the Springfield Police Department to handle any appeals or complaints towards any police conduct matters.

Applicants must have lived here in the city of Springfield for at least 2 years. Applicants would hold their position on the board for 3 terms. 

Back in 2020, the city of Springfield voted on expanding the board from five members to seven members, also modifying the requirements to become a board member. 

It used to be where two of the members would be selected by the city manager and three from the city council. 

After the deadline to apply for passes, the city council will be the one who reviews the applications and decide on appointments. Some of the current board members are Marlon Graves, Allen Grymes. and Lori Muetzel.  

If selected to be on the board, members will meet on the first Tuesday of every month.