KOLR10's Political Analyst Explains Supreme Court Ruling

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. -- We also reached out to KOLR10's political analyst Dr. Brian Calfano who explains what the ruling means for same-sex couples and privately owned businesses moving forward and what rights people have for services if they're in a protected class.

"Well, the answer to that is essentially the same answer as it was yesterday. Before this court ruling. It will depend on the state and local standards that already existed," Calfano said. "The supreme court said nothing, did nothing, to abolish the standards and the protections provided to same-sex couples in those jurisdictions, where they are provided protection. But the big question mark that remains is, what exactly will be the decision of the overarching issue concerning the clash between the civil liberties who own businesses and don't want to cater to same-sex couples, and the civil rights of same-sex couples, to be able to have those same services providing to them that their heterosexual counterparts get very freely."

Calfano went on to say that this decision may have been made because some of the justices are institutionalists and believe deeply divining cultural issues are best left to the states to decide them.

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