KOLR10 Helps Out as Part of United Way's Day of Caring

KOLR10 Helps Out

SPRINGFIELD, Mo.-- The United Way of the Ozarks celebrated its day of caring with KOLR10, by sprucing up Springfield's downtown YMCA.

KOLR10 team members painted,  power washed and planted flower beds.

KOLR10's Promotional Sales Coordinator, Larry Krauck, says efforts like this help local non-profits when they may not be able to help themselves.

"These local non-profit agencies, sometimes they'll have stuff they need done and they just don't have a budget to have an outside source come in and do this or their staff or their staff is maybe not able to do it," Krauck says, "But, we come out and we kind of do some things maybe they can't do and it just helps make the facility better for those that come."

Julie Oeser, the Executive Director of the G. Pearson Ward YMCA, tells us they count on the Day of Caring to make the facility a place members want to be.

"We don't always have the manpower needed to complete some extra projects, so this is a day we can count on each year, to have those wonderful volunteers come into our facility and help us out," Oeser says.

KOLR10 partners with the United Way several times a year to make a difference in the Ozarks. The station also just wrapped up its corporate Nexstar Day of Caring, helping a local shelter and a senior citizen center.        

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