Kids of Our Heroes Adventure Camp

BRANSON -- Kids who have lost a loved one who is a first responder were treated to a special week.

Kids from a special camp in Missouri --that reaches out to the children of fallen military personnel, or first responders-- had some fun and education in Branson this week.

It's called "Kids of Our Heroes Adventure Camp" out of Aurora. 

The camp is free to all kids ages 11-17, dealing with the traumatic loss of a parent in the military, police, or firefighting.

The kids started their day with a trip to the Veterans Memorial Museum in Branson, where they received a lesson on PTSD from one of the camp counselors, who served in the Iraq war. Chris Fields is that counselor.

He says the camp is like no other.

"What makes this camp so unique is that we have combat veterans, some that are wounded who have young children working as not only counselors and mentors, but also guides," Fields says. 

For Fields, helping out at the camp is personal.

"My cousin Michele Hovland, who started the camp, really saw the issues and struggles that I was having with not only with my kids and my wife, but she saw them from other vets," says Fields. 

For the kids at the camp, the help is much needed. Dawson Perry is working to overcome an experience of his own. 

"My mom took her life in 2015, and I was kind of upset and pretty upset when it first happened. But I learned to forgive my mom about what happened," Perry says. 

Julia Brown also has dealt with experiences that this camp can help with.

"I don't want to say he was a bad man, but he wasn't very nice. He was nice to my sister and I, but he wasn't in a good state of mind, but  he got shot by the police," Brown says. 

After the museum, the kids also got a lesson while having fun at the Branson Zipline on how to have fun and face their fears. 

The kids ended their day back in Aurora, by planting a golden weeping willow with memorial rocks around the base of it.

That will represent each loved one that was lost. 

There will be more opportunities through the rest of the year to enroll kids in this program, and you can learn more at their website


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