KANSAS CITY, Mo.— From bullets flying into homes, to people shot while driving down the road, shootings in Kansas City happen on a regular basis and majority remain unsolved.

It’s a reality many families say they expect when losing a loved one.

“I have a cousin, his murder is still unsolved. That’s sad. It’s not getting better, It’s getting worse. That says a lot. Like what are you doing? For the community to think it’s ok to continuously kill people, shoot, use guns, because evidently, they know nothing is going to happen,” said Nyree Falkner.

Falkner’s biggest loss is her son, 32-year-old Mortez Falkner shot on his birthday in the 18th and Vine District on September 8.

His mother said the day he was killed, her son also learned he would be a father.

“It’s upsetting, it’s not like my son deserved this, like he was out doing something he had no business, it was his birthday. We gave him a birthday dinner at Eddie v’s at 6, we left at 9. My son was shot at 12:10,” Falkner said.

Like her son’s case, no arrests have been made in majority of Kansas City homicides so far this year.
According to KCPD crime statistics they’ve cleared 55 to a reported 122 homicides.

Only 29 are currently at the prosecutor’s office.

“I call every week. Sometimes twice a week since my son died. I shouldn’t have to get out here and do their job and work and find out what happened to my son. That’s not my job. I have enough to worry about,” Falkner said. “What are they doing?”

Kansas City police said one of their biggest hurdles in solving crimes is that so few people want to come forward with tips.

Falkner said she was told to be patient.

“I feel like they just tell me that to appease me. But I just don’t want my son to be forgotten. I don’t know what they are doing. Just tell me, so I don’t have to guess and assume that you’re not doing anything,” Falkner said.

If know something about this case to call 816-474-8477. There is a $31,000 reward being offered for information leading to an arrest in this case.