KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Gone but never forgotten. On Thursday, Kansas City icon Len Dawson was remembered in a special way in the only fitting spot the Chiefs organization could think of — Arrowhead.

The event was open to the public. By 5p.m., more than 480 people had walked through the Hall of Honor.

Even after his death, Dawson is uniting the Kansas City community. Chiefs fans of all ages took the walking tour to pay their respects.

“I wanted to pay honor to him one last time,” Chiefs fan Bill Croson said.

He watched Dawson lead the Chiefs to our first Super Bowl. A few years ago, Croson met his favorite player, and he signed his jersey.

“He’s just a gentleman. like he knew you all his life,” Croson said. “Everybody was special to him.”

Fans were able to sit in the stadium and watch Lenny the Cool’s legacy on the big board.

Chiefs Fan JJ is reminded of the time he met Dawson at training camp in the locker room.

“He was warm, he has a warm personality and makes you feel connected like a friend,” JJ said. “He’s a great guy.”

Carol Settergren is a Lenny fan. She said you didn’t need to meet him to feel like you knew him. She respects the work he did off the field.

“All of his philanthropic work, helping kids get educations that wouldn’t otherwise get one,” Settergren said.

A super star in football and on the sports desk. Lloyd Cooper Jr. was a part of some of Dawson’s Favorite Moments.

“I was in the newsroom with Len Dawson,” Cooper said.

In 1990, Cooper said he was picked to be a guest sportscaster. Dawson coached him to make plays in front of the camera.

“Bobby Bell, number 78, came over and hit him head on and like bam! it sounded like a car wreck,” Cooper said.

Showing him the ropes and his rings.

“I held his super bowl rings and his MVP ring,” Cooper said. “I held them in my hand, I had them on my fingers.”

Fans appreciate the opportunity to remember, reflect and celebrate the man who had an enormous impact on the Chiefs and Kansas City.

“We’ll always remember him,” Croson said.

The Hall of Honor at Arrowhead remains open until 9p.m. Thursday.