KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A husband and wife found themselves swerving away from gunshots in Kansas City and it was all caught on video.

It happened Friday as the couple left a friend’s house to go home.

The moment left them comparing the experience to the video game Grand Theft Auto, describing it all as surreal.

“We’re listening to music having a good time” said Michael Abdullah.

“All of a sudden, we hear the shots. And I noticed gunfire while I was driving. So immediately, I just swerved left while my wife was she just freaked out,” he said.

Nearly a week later, the moment still leaves Abdullah shocked that something like this could happen here.

“It was surreal. I would say like, I’ve never, we’ve never experienced something like that,” he said.

The shock and awe from a city he called home for more than two decades.

“We’ve been in Kansas City for like, over 20 years now. I’ve never seen something like that happen to us,” Abdullah said.

He said this isn’t an isolated problem, it’s an issue that too many are desensitized to, including himself.

FOX4 reached out to the Kansas City Police Department to see how many shots fired calls they have received to date. The department told us it would take some days to compile that information.

“This is not an issue that’s related to a specific neighborhood or a specific socio economic level of people is just, it’s been happening recently all over city, and it’s just not a…it’s not a place to raise children,” Abdullah said.

Abdullah posted the video on the Kansas City subreddit page, where the post took off and the common theme in the discussion from everyday Kansas Citians is that something has to change.

“We really need to talk more about this and try to focus on how we can address these kinds of situations,” Abdullah said.