ST. LOUIS — Lonely Planet, a leading travel guide book publisher, has unveiled its highly anticipated list of trending destinations for 2024. In honor of its 50th anniversary, this year’s list highlights 50 exceptional locations worldwide, categorized as Best Sustainable, Best Value, Best Cities, Best Country, and Best Region.

The Midwest tops the list as the region with the best value to visit. They say cities, including Chicago, Milwaukee, and Detroit, have witnessed a creative renaissance over the past decade with “food so good it rivals any you’ll try on either coast.” But Kansas City is special, ranking among the top cities to travel to in 2024.

“Suddenly in the international spotlight after Taylor Swift’s appearance at the Chiefs football game, Kansas City is on our radar for lots of reasons. Thanks to the opening of a new state-of-the-art airport terminal and the extension of the free-to-ride streetcar line through Kansas City’s urban center, the ‘Heart of America’ has so much to sing about in 2024,” states an excerpt from the publication’s write-up on Kansas City.

Sustainability champions Spain and Wales are featured for their eco-friendly initiatives. Croatia’s Peljesac Bridge is making exploration easier. Budget-conscious travelers will also find great value in destinations like Algeria and Greece’s Ikaria.

In the great outdoors, the Western Balkans’ Trans Dinarica Cycle Route opens in 2024, while Far North Scotland seeks UNESCO status.

Lonely Planet’s special edition Best in Travel 2024 book is now available. For more details and immersive videos about the destinations, visit