PARK HILLS, Mo. – A Facebook post by the St. Francois County Sheriff’s Department is going viral after they explained how they caught a man accused of stealing catalytic converters. They say a police dog caught him by the “jewels” after a bite to the “biscuit.”

K9 officer Teo

Reports of a catalytic converter thief on a UTV in the Park Hills area began coming in on February 18. The police were looking for the suspect Monday morning. They found Kevin Moore, of Desloge, Missouri, on a UTV and started to chase him.

Moore took the chase off-road and re-emerged on Hovis Farm Road, where a police dog was waiting for him. Moore got off of the UTV and started to run, ignoring commands to stop.

Police released K9 officer Teo, who started to chase the suspect. Moore tried to get away, and police say he assaulted Teo. Undeterred, the dog was able to stop Moore, and he was placed under arrest. He was taken to the hospital for treatment and then taken to the St. Francois County Detention Center. The image of Moore standing in his cell, looking dejected, is going viral.

“(Teo) is certified,” said Sgt. Tim Harris, St. Francois County Sheriff’s Department. “He has been responsible for finding a lot of suspects and a lot of drugs. He has a 4-year career with the department.”

Police offered this public service announcement about how K9 officers do their job:

“A police K-9 is trained to apprehend a suspect. No police K-9 is trained to apprehend a suspect in certain areas. When a suspect fights a police K-9, the K-9 will apprehend by any means necessary, even if that means a bite to the biscuit. K-9 Teo was given a treat and mouthwash. #GoodBoyTEO”

Moore was also wanted on a $100,000 warrant from St. Francois County for felonies involving weapons and drugs.

“We are always proud of our K9s. They all do a great job. We can’t control when someone gets bit, when they resist, and we are proud of the work that our dogs do all times,” Sgt. Harris said.