SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — A Joplin man pleads guilty to his role in a kidnapping conspiracy that left a Carthage man dead.

On Tuesday, Freddie Tilton, 50, pleaded guilty in federal court to one count of conspiracy to commit kidnapping and two counts of being a felon in possession of a firearm. A sentencing date has not been scheduled. Five other suspects have already pleaded guilty to their roles in this murder case.

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The charges are connected to the July 2020 death of Michael Hall. The suspects all admitted to luring Hall to one of the suspect’s homes and according to the plea agreements filed in all of the suspect’s cases, Hall was handcuffed, wrapped in duct-tape, shot, cut, beat, and burned him with a blowtorch. Tilton and all of his co-defendants say Tilton shot Hall in the head, killing him. Members of the group then wrapped Hall in a tarp and dumped him on another property owned by one of the suspects. However, none of the plea agreements in this case included a murder charge.

Tilton has an extensive wrap sheet that includes burglary, theft of an automobile, stealing, and drug possession with intent to distribute.

Tilton was originally set to plead guilty in May, but changed his mind shortly before the hearing.

According to the plea agreement and based on the applicable sentencing guidelines, Tilton faces life in prison. The government states that because the victim of the kidnapping died, Tilton could receive the same sentence as if he pleaded guilty to the murder charge.