Creepily cold weather has taken over the Ozarks for Halloween. While it will be frigid for Trick-or-Treaters tonight, it will not be the coldest ever (although it will be close). Here is a look at some of the most extreme weather the Ozarks have had on Halloween.

October 31, 1993, was very similar to 2023 in terms of temperatures. 1993 was the coldest Halloween on record in Springfield, Missouri. The low reached 18°.

While we won’t set a record for October 31, there is a chance will set an overnight record for November 1, 2023.

Way back in 1950, kids were trick-or-treating in t-shirts and shorts. The hottest Halloween on record was 83°.

While the 80’s is wickedly warm, Osage Beach reached 90° in 1963.

The Ozarks has been plagued with a few soggy Halloween evenings. The wettest was back in 2005 when Springfield picked up 2.42″ of rain.

While October snow is rare, it isn’t unheard of for Southwest Missouri and Northwest Arkansas. The snowiest Halloween on record was in 1951 when Springfield picked up 0.6″ of snow.

Talk about weather whiplash – going from the hottest Halloween in 1950, to the snowiest one year later. That’s the Ozarks for you.