Invasion of Privacy Charges Won't be Re-Filed Against Eric Greitens

Jackson County Prosecutor Jean Peters Baker is announcing she will not re-file invasion of privacy charges against former Missouri Governor Eric Greitens.

That charge stemmed from the allegations that Greitens had taken a partially nude photo of a woman with whom he had an affair. 

Now, the prosecutor says they can no longer pursue those charges, as the statute of limitations has run out. 

The invasion of privacy charge was dismissed on May 15th, and a week later the Jackson County Prosecutor was named the Special Prosecutor to examine the evidence. 

In a press conference Friday, Peters-Baker says when her office was named the Special Prosecutor for case, they had to work quickly to find evidence they needed from his phones. 

In the data extraction done in May, they did not find corroborating evidence with the victims' testimony. Then, they learned they there were more files to comb through. 

"The April extraction that we learned about -- that our investigative team only learned about days ago -- had 31,000 more files than the May extraction," Baker says. 

That meant the investigative team was up against the clock. Baker expressed great frustration Friday with the process, upset that that she was not provided the evidence of more files sooner. 

She also expressed concern for the victim who this case was centered around. 

"I'm hopeful for one thing: that the vicious attacks against this woman will stop," says Baker.  

Baker says there have been constant attempts to discredit the victim, and claims that she didn't want any of this to begin with - saying her ex-husband is the one who sparked all of this by releasing a recording of her discussing the event. 

"There is evidence that her ex-husband expected to receive financial payments for the secret recording he released without her consent. And yet, the ex-husband has faced very little scrutiny," Baker says.  

Baker also said in that press conference that she found the victim extremely credible, and that she thought the statements were true, adding that she had nothing to benefit from the things she had alleged. 

She made a point to tell victims of these sorts of crimes that they should not be afraid to come forward based on this event. 

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