Interfaith dinner held at Catholic Campus Ministry

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. - The Catholic Campus Ministry opened its doors to Muslims Thursday night to celebrate the last day of Ramadan.

It's called an Iftar Dinner.

It breaks the last day of the fasting period.

The interfaith event is a time reflect on the meaning of fasting, and how to solve hunger shortages worldwide.

Catholic leaders said they want to unite people rather than focus on our differences.

Father Francisco Javier Reyes, Director of the Catholic Campus Ministry said, "especially in the times that we live in today, where we emphasize a lot on division, and hatred and violence. I think having those moments shows us that we can come together. That love can be a part of who we are in our lives. And there is a hunger for peace and unity in our community regardless of our different religions."

Father Reyes hopes for more events like this in the future.

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