SPRINGFIELD, Mo. – It was a snow day for many districts across the Ozarks and families were sure to take advantage of the day off.

Some families took spent the day at Jordan Valley Park sledding and making snowmen.

“Most of the day is going to be spent outside,” Hazel said. “It’s really fun playing snow and we don’t usually get snow.”

Many kids were waiting for their schools to call and cancel classes.

“I woke up at 5:30 a.m., didn’t see the call, so I was worried,” Missouri State Student Ross Brady said. “I was like, darn. I got to walk to my 8 a.m. I waited a little bit longer and boom, I knew I could go sledding.”

But, some families wanted to enjoy the day off inside.

“We try our best to be open to the public,” Discovery Center Executive Director Rob Blevins said. “We are open till 6 p.m. so if they need to come get some energy out. We have a lot of great exhibits that are that are geared towards getting kids active and engaged and maybe they’ll go to sleep on time tonight.”

Blevins said the Discovery School Program remained open today despite other districts closing.

“We wanted to make sure that we were making that available for the families that needed it because, you know, nothing’s worse than not having a place to put your kid and your boss expecting you to be in,” Blevins said. “We don’t want to cause that sort of that struggle.”

Families said they decided to get out of the house because the road conditions were not as bad as they thought.