Huge Fire Rips Through Safeway in West Phoenix

PHOENIX -- Huge flames were seen shooting out of a Safeway grocery store in west Phoenix on Wednesday.

It happened at 35th and Northern Avenues.

The original 911 call just before 6 p.m. was about a fire in the back room, according to Capt. Rob McDade with the Phoenix Fire Department.

Firefighters arrived and found an active fire in the back. While they were hitting the fire, the roof did partially collapse on them.

"At that time more of the roof caved in," McDade said, "Actually came down on top of them."

 Another crew of firefighters got everyone out of the building by going through every office and the entire store, McDade said.

"Safeway employees did a fantastic job. They immediately called 911. Our 911 operators instructed them to get everyone safely out so when our folks arrived on scene, Safeway employees were escorting everybody out almost like a ship captain," said McDade.

The firefighters that were fighting the fire had to retreat and the flames then took off.

"The captain, the seasoned captain, said he when he turned around, it was like a haboob. The flame, the smoke, they could hear it rushing through the store," said McDade.

They ran out of the store safely.

No one was hurt and no one was trapped.

Flames roughly 30 feet high could be seen shooting out of the roof.

(Information and video courtesy: KPHO, Phoenix)

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