Huge Egg Donation Made to Ozarks Food Harvest

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. -- Nearly a quarter million eggs were donated Tuesday to give some needed protein to hungry families in the Ozarks.

Opal Foods is delivering 20,000 one-dozen eggs to Ozarks Food Harvest today (Thurs, March 24).  The eggs will be shared with food pantries and feeding programs throughout 28 counties served by Ozarks Food Harvest.

Opal Foods is the local franchisee for Eggland's Best in Neosho, Missouri.

Ozarks Food Harvest says one in four people in southwest Missouri receive food from a food pantry or feeding program in the Food Bank network.  

Bart Brown, President & CEO of Ozarks Food Harvest said, "These eggs are gonna go out, they'll start going out this week.  By the end of April, they'll be gone, and they'll have either been dyed or consumed in an omelet by a family at their dinner table."

Opal Foods has donated over 1 million eggs to Ozarks food harvest over the last 9 years.

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