SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — As we wind down from the holidays, the past couple of weeks have been some of the busiest times for travelers across the country.

AAA estimated over 110 million people traveled from Dec. 23 through Jan. 2.

After talking with the Missouri State Highway Patrol, drivers in southwest Missouri fared a little bit better than the previous year.

“Here in Troop D, we only worked 39 crashes,” said Sgt. Mike McClure. “I think about five injuries out of that and no fatalities and 17 DWI arrests.”

Here are the statewide numbers during the New Year’s holiday, which began on Dec. 30 and ended on Jan. 2:

  • 243 crashes.
  • 75 injuries.
  • 104 DWIs.
  • One death.

One more fatality was reported but it was investigated by a municipality.

During the 2021 New Year’s holiday period, MSHP investigated: 

  • 321 crashes.
  • 98 injuries.
  • No fatalities. 
  • 96 DWIs.

According to MoDOT, there have been over 1,000 deaths on Missouri roadways. This is the second consecutive year topping the 1,000 deaths mark.

When asked if there is anything drivers should remember while driving on roads this year, Sgt. McClure said that the speed limit is not a suggestion. Whatever the speed limit is is what drivers need to follow. In inclement weather, drivers need to slow down and make sure to increase their following distance.