House Intel Leaders Say No Evidence of Trump Wiretap

WASHINGTON -- Lawmakers looking at Russian hacking during the 2016 campaign and possible contact between the President's associates and Moscow are pressing the FBI director and Justice Department for more answers.

President Trump asked those same lawmakers to investigate his allegations of wiretapping at his New York skyscraper.

Devin Nunes, the Republican Chair of the House Intelligence Committee says he still has not seen any evidence to support the president's claim his predecessor wiretapped Trump Tower.

"President Obama wouldn't physically go over and tap Trump Tower, now you have to decide if you're going to take the tweets literally and if you are then clearly President was wrong", Nunes said.

The White House Press Secretary tried to clarify the allegations - saying the president was speaking about broader surveillance.

Rep. Adam Schiff, Ranking Member House Intelligence says, "The reality is I don't think they have foggiest idea of what was behind the president's claim except maybe something he watched on tv."

The House Intelligence Committee is looking at whether American citizens with communications detected on U.S. surveillance of the Russians had their names improperly disclosed.

Wednesday lawmakers pressed FBI Director James Comey for answers behind closed doors, but next Monday, he will testify at the House Committee's public hearing.

South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham says, "Was there a warrant issued by any court anywhere in the US?"

Senators want to know if their is a paper trail supporting the president's claims. They also want more information about what led to the resignation of National Security Advisor Michael Flynn - after it was revealed he had contact with the Russian Ambassador.

Longtime Trump Advisor Roger Stone says, "There was no collusion"

Stone now admits he communicated with a Russian-linked hacker. He says he believes a secret warrant uncovered those messages and they were illegally leaked.

Several lawmakers want to talk to Stone and he says he is willing to testify a public hearing.

(Weijia Jiang for CBS News)

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