JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. — Two voter photo ID proposals will be heard Tuesday by the Missouri House’s Elections committee.

Representative Tony Dugger (R-Hartville) is proposing a constitutional amendment that would ask voters to approve requiring a photo ID at the polls. A companion bill sponsored by Representative Justin Alferman (R-Hermann) would create the structure for voter photo ID if the ballot issue passes.

Opponents say a significant number of Missourians don’t have the IDs they would need under the proposals.  Dugger said his proposal would still allow them to vote.

“They would actually get a provisional ballot, which is the same as a regular ballot,” said Dugger. “It is placed in an envelope and they would have so many days after the election to get their driver’s license and take it to the election authority. Then their vote would count.”

Critics say that’s not the same as letting people vote.

Dugger said the purpose of his bill is to prevent voter fraud.

“I think that every vote in the state is important. I want everybody to vote who’s entitled to vote, but I also want to make sure that there is no cheating going on in the state. I want everyone’s vote to be protected,” said Dugger.

A driver’s license, government-issued ID or a military photo ID would be accepted under his proposal.

(Alisa Nelson, Missourinet)