SPRINGFIELD, Mo.– It’s been a year since Hurricane Maria swept through Puerto Rico. Locals are still recovering. Steve Edwards, Cox Health President, and CEO, he’s seeing the territory’s damage first hand right now.  You see, Edwards and about four other Cox Executives are down in Puerto Rico, recruiting nurses to travel back and work in the Ozarks.  

“We have a lot of luck recruiting nurses here in Puerto Rico. The unemployment rate is very high,” he says. 

Where Edwards says America faces a nearly-constant nursing shortage places like Puerto Rico are facing the opposite problem too many qualified workers and not enough open jobs.  

But the Cox team isn’t just there to take from the territory.  

Edwards and his coworkers are also there to give back by remodeling those same hurricane-damaged homes, delivering medical supplies to Puerto Rican Hospitals, and giving out flu shots to those who would otherwise go without. It’s like a tradeoff.  

“If hospitals are going to go in and recruit from Puerto Rico, they need to do a service project in return,” he says.  

Finally, the third mission for Edwards and his team is to bring awareness to the untapped pool of qualified workers in Puerto Rico.  

“We encourage other businesses in our community to come and help too,” he says.