SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — Hillcrest High School was evacuated as Springfield Police Department officers, ambulances, and fire department vehicles arrived at the school on Thursday.

According to the Springfield Police Department, officers were called to the school around noon after a 911 call stated shots had been fired on campus. It would later be determined as false information and that everyone at Hillcrest was safe.

SPD later said, there is “no indication of a shooter” at Hillcrest High School, but an investigation is ongoing. SPD directed questions to Springfield Public Schools.

Officers blocked off Grant Avenue while parents were directed toward the Ozark Empire Fairgrounds.

Students were in a lockdown inside the school while officers searched the building.

Ozarksfirst.com was told that students were asked to stay silent and to not use their phones.

Around 1:15 p.m., students were evacuated to the school’s football field and then to the Ozarks Empire Fairgrounds.

Springfield Public Schools sent out an update on the situation:

“This update is to reiterate that all Hillcrest students and staff are safe and to provide next steps. There is no evidence of a credible threat and the building has been cleared room by room.

“Out of an abundance of caution students have been escorted for reunification to the Ozark Empire Fairgrounds. Reunification through parent pick up is optional. Parents who wish to pick up their child early should enter the Fairgrounds through Gate 10 and exit through Gate 2 after reunification occurs. Students who drive will be dismissed following reunification of other students. Bus service for those who ride the bus will be provided at the regular time. Any students who are not participating in reunification with parents at the Fairgrounds will be dismissed at the regular time.

“Thank you for your patience and understanding as we followed our emergency procedures to ensure that all students and staff are safe.

“We greatly appreciate the prompt, professional response of local law enforcement and our school police officers.”

The investigation is ongoing in terms of who may be responsible.