SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — A heat map from the Springfield Police Department shows there is a higher rate of crimes against persons on the northwest side of the city.

OzarksFirst looked into whether these increased chances of being a victim of a crime are slowing down the pace of the housing market in the area.

“That specific area sometimes could be really good for first-time home buyers just because it’s so affordable for them,” said Ana Lovins, a real estate agent with RE/MAX House of Brokers. “And they could get some really good loans for being in that low price range.”

Lovins said all areas of Springfield are also seeing buyers who want to renovate houses.

Sturdy Real Estate agent Boston Buecker said he hasn’t seen a slowdown in any particular areas.

“I know tons of buyers who aren’t afraid to buy anywhere in southwest Missouri,” Buecker said. “And there’s a ton of great properties in those areas because folks are able to buy those properties and then fix them up and make them really nice.”

Javier Chavez bought his first house on the northwest side of Springfield. He says he tried to find property in the southern half, but the homes were selling too quickly.

“I hate to say it, but seeing crime is normal,” Chavez said. “You just get so used to it, adjusted to it, doesn’t matter what neighborhood you live in.”

He says he’s seen crime across the entirety of Springfield.

“I think there’s crime everywhere, to be honest,” Chavez said. “So what can we do besides just stay alert?”

Both Lovins and Buecker agree the affordability of homes on the northwest side of town is a major factor for first-time home buyers.

“It’s still a great market in our area, and I think it’s because people are realizing it’s a great place to live,” Buecker said.