BRANSON, Mo. – A high-speed police chase across two states ends with a brief manhunt in downtown Branson.

The chase started in Alpena, Arkansas Friday afternoon, when police attempted to stop a man on a motorcycle.

Authorities say the suspect made his way to Highway 65 and led police up and down the highway, often driving on the wrong side of the road, before making it to Branson.

Once in Branson, the driver attempted to turn at the corner of Highway 76 and Veteran’s Boulevard but ended up running into the side of a Ford F-150.

The man abandoned his bike and then took off into downtown.

“He picked a few things up after he flipped his motorcycle,” says Yak Williams, who witnessed the end of the pursuit from his business, The Magic & Joke Shop, in downtown.

“He grabbed a few things off the bike, not quite sure what they were, and took off on foot,” he says. “He [then] went down the alley [by my store]. It’s a small alley, a service road alley only.”

After a ten to fifteen minute search, authorities located the man near the corner of Commercial and Pacific and took him into custody without incident.

“We saw some activity, didn’t know exactly what was going on, and then saw that they had a guy and were walking him to the police car,” says Laura Aquilar, who is visiting Branson from Nebraska.

“He was handcuffed and looked a little injured,” she says. “We didn’t know if he wrecked or what happened.”

At this point it is unknown who the suspect is or why the Alpena Police Department wanted to stop him.

He is currently in the Taney County Jail.