SPRINGFIELD, Mo.— With possibilities of severe weather over the next few days, KOLR10 wants to ensure you and your family are safe.  

When a tornado watch is issued it doesn’t mean that a tornado is on the ground. It means that due to the atmosphere there is a chance that one could develop.

When a tornado warning is issued that means that a tornado is on the ground and is a threat. You should take cover immediately.

We recommend that you have several ways of getting the information you need in a timely manner, just in case the power goes out or one option is no longer available.

Where to go when there is a tornado warning

  • Evacuate mobile homes and head to shelter in a sturdy shelter near by
  • Go to the lowest floor in an interior room with no exterior walls if possible
  • Make sure the room doesn’t have windows
  • Protect your head with blankets or pillows in case debris makes its way into the structure
  • Remain aware of the weather by watching KOLR10 news, the KOLR10 weather app, or at https://www.ozarksfirst.com/

Tornado Safe Rooms

  1. Fremont Elementary School, gymnasium, 2814 N. Fremont
  2. Jeffries Elementary School, gymnasium, 4051 S. Scenic Ave. 
  3. Kickapoo High School, gymnasium, 3710 S. Jefferson Ave. 
  4. Sherwood Elementary School, gymnasium, 2524 S. Golden Ave.
  5. Estport K-8 School, gymnasium, 415 S. Golden Ave

To get a complete list of FEMA Safe Shelters in the area click here

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