SPRINGFIELD — Henry the dinosaur has his head back at the Missouri Institute of Natural Science in Springfield.

The triceratops skeleton arrived here a few years ago. 

The museum’s director and many others from the institute’s dig team took part in the unearthing in Wyoming.  

As the remains were reassembled, experts discovered there was no head and the skeleton was dubbed “Headless Henry.”

There was a badly damaged replica of a head in Wyoming. It was brought back here, but later it was discovered it wasn’t large enough. It was sent back and with lots of work, it was enlarged 40%.

Director Matt Forir says after 67 million years Henry is getting a well-deserved facelift of sorts.

It was also revealed today. Henry is the largest bird-hipped dinosaur on the planet.

“Recently a week or two ago the world’s largest T-Rex “Scotty” that was found in Canada it was released at like 9 – a little over 9 metric tons,” Forir said. “Henry is still twice the size of that. So, even the world’s largest T-Rex would have looked at Henry like ‘Nah, I’m not gonna mess with you,’ So we’re pretty proud to have Henry here in our museum.”

The final finishes are being made on Henry. If you want to visit him, you can find him at the museum Monday through Friday, or just drive by you’ll see Henry’s “lost head.”