SPRINGFIELD, Mo. – If you walked outside on Thursday in Springfield, you likely saw the haze over the city. The haze is coming from hundreds of miles away from the wildfires in Canada, which is impacting the air quality in Springfield. 

The smoke from these wildfires contains things like carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide, which can be harmful to our health. Breathing it in can cause a range of health problems, including respiratory distress, worsened asthma symptoms, and sometimes heart issues. 

According to Sadaf Sohrab, the Physician lead for Pulmonary at Mercy, “Many studies have been done which show that if the air quality is bad, it can affect your lungs, both short term as well as long term. It’s really important to note that you have to be careful and especially the sensitive population, the people who are sensitive are the ones that need to be extra careful.” 

The smoke from the wildfires in Canada is causing the haze to spread across the United States. It’s important to avoid going outdoors as much as possible.

“You might be protected if you wear a mask, especially if you know that you have to be outside for a certain number of hours,” said Sohrab. 

The haze is a serious concern for people with respiratory issues, children, and the elderly. It’s important to take precautions to protect yourself and your loved ones from the harmful effects of the smoke. Stay indoors as much as possible, wear a mask when going outside, and monitor local air quality reports.